Bownce aims to make a local and global impact in the future of health and fitness.

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Thank you for your interest in bownce. We've created more than just an intelligent punching ball - we believe it will revolutionize home fitness in Germany and beyond by bringing the joy of movement to everybody. This product will help people come together, celebrate sports, and get healthier.

Our team has spent years perfecting every detail, integrating dozens of cutting-edge components, and setting up algorithms. With bownce, 15 minutes are enough to work out every muscle group, and personal growth becomes visible.

Today you can join this momentum by investing in bownce.

Vitalij Zittel
CEO and Founder

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The community. The app. The device.

How bownce works

Step 1


Floor and ceiling is all you need for bownce. Pairing your IoT fitness companion with the app will enrich the experience.

Step 2


Bownce community turns exercise routine into a fun-fueled play activity you can share with friends or strangers. Challenge others and yourself!

Step 3


15 minutes of bownce burns as many calories as this time spent on bike - and you get to move your whole body!

Step 4


Bownce promotes community spirit and joy of fitness without setting limits or expectations. The healthiest addiction you can imagine.

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Our Supervisory Board

The supervisory board of Bownce AG is a strong team of renowned and experienced managers. Everyone has an individual background and brings specific expertise to the table. Together they are the driving force behind our vision of fitness for everyone - with a focus on community.

Uwe Hück is chairman of our supervisory board. He was former chairman of the works council and deputy chairman of the supervisory board of Porsche AG as well as two-time European champion in Thai boxing.Dr.

Peter Lange is the deputy chairman of the supervisory board. He works as managing director at Lange + Meyn Immobilien and contributes his vast experience in the areas of business operations and development.

Other members of our supervisory board are David Knower and Axel Gränitz. Our founder and CEO Vitalij Zittel identified these prominent personalities in many conversations and won them over as supporters for Bownce.

We invite you to invest in bownce via token-based profit participation rights

What does the bownce investment mean for you?

  • Become part of an ambitious, innovative German startup company
  • Make a difference for a healthier tomorrow
  • Participate in profit directly, along with other shareholders
  • Start with as little as € 250.

Invest in bownce

Capitalize on the new vision of fitness

Our goal

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Minimum investment

€ 250

Payout date


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The acquisition of token-based profit participation rights is associated with considerable risks and can lead to the complete loss of the assets invested. The main risks lie in the lack of business success of the "Bownce IoT sports device". The "Bownce IoT sports device" is currently not ready for production, the business success and market acceptance of the "Bownce IoT sports device" is therefore uncertain.

The securities are a subject to the German law and takes place exclusively in the Federal Republic of Germany. Only the German version of the contract documents is binding.

Why invest in bownce?

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We are unique

Patented IoT training device interfaced with mobile app and blockchain platform.Bownce offers benefits of high-end fitness - community, technology, portability, style - for a resaonable price

We are well-known

Bownce has a strong presence in domestic and international media. Many of our investors are doctors, trainers, and sports professionals

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We have a vision

Bownce makes a difference in digital healthcare, fitness equipment and software, and toys markets at once.  These segments combined are expected to show annual growth tempo of 14% in next years

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We are robust

bownce pledges a constant share of its sales to charity and sustainability initiatives. 1 Euro from each sale is pledged to making the world a better place. bowncers can donate their in-app awards, too

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We are scalable

Global launch after successful introduction to our domestic DACH market (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). Bownce is beyond one specific device - community members and new users will gain access to new features, products, and accessories

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We give back

Global launch after successful introduction to DACH market (Germany, Austria, Switzerland).bownce is beyond one specific device - community members and new users will gain access to new features, products, and accessories

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